Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan Photography
NEW Speaker For 2019!

Over the last ten years, Robert has photographed thousands of dancers for numerous dance studios. Never content with the ordinary, Robert collaborated with one of his dance studios to do something unique and ‘over the top’ during a regular spring photo shoot one year for their elite company dancers. This was the beginning of his “Artistic Days” series of photo shoots that employ such themes as glitter, flour, fog, colored powder, and even water! Robert actually builds shallow pools inside of dance studios for the dancers to dance, pose, and splash in as his assistants toss water at them. Robert has expanded his “Artistic Days” series to overcome the serious issue that many dance photographers face in which they are overwhelmed with work during the spring recital season and dead in the water for the rest of the year. At PSU Live, see Robert’s portable studio setup and his demonstration of one of his themed “Artistic Days” photo shoots and learn how he employs this concept to contract dance photo shoots throughout the year…even at dance studios who already have contracted with another photographer!

NEW For 2019!

Dance, Gymnastics & Cheer!

Unique ways to fill up your off season

If you have ever attended a PSU LIVE Workshop before and sat through the Dance class this is not the same class! Robert Sullivan is going to give you his own take on what he does to make the most of his time for dance, gymnastics and cheer!

Are you wanting something different?

Are you wanting somethRobert is going to be doing a LIVE demonstration of his glitter and powder shoots at PSU LIVE!
He will be setting up his full photo bay and shooting a dancer live for the class to show you how he gets these amazing results right from the camera! No Photoshop work involved here! This is one class you will not want to miss!