Wes Kroninger

He is a national award winning commercial and portrait photographer and author of Lighting Design Techniques for Digital Photographers. An accomplished educator, Wes teaches advertising photography at The Rocky Mountain School of Photography and has spoken at WPPI, Imaging USA, SPAC, SYNC, SYNC Sports, and as well as numerous local photo chapters. He has been published in several national publications including Rolling Stone, Modern Salon, American Salon, and After Capture magazines.

Remember Why You Started Your Business In The First Place NEW FOR 2020!
Almost everyone that gets into photography dreams of financial and scheduling freedom as well as creative bliss. Unfortunately, most if not all photographers at one point or another, find themselves stuck in a cycle of worry and tedious tasks. Somewhere along the line the concept of “grinding it out” became synonymous with “DEY” (Doing Everything Yourself). It doesn’t have to be that way. Successful businesses of all sizes know that working to employees’ strengths and leveraging strategic partners are the keys to a sustainable and (more importantly) scalable business.

In this class I want to discuss where we are and how we got here. Together, let’s look at other businesses outside of the photography industry and see how they’ve maximized their potential through building a team of like minded people and companies that not only helped to make them more efficient but also more valuable to their customers.

LIVE DEMO – Lastolite (HiLite) Demonstration NEW FOR 2020!
If you are looking at using the Lastolite for your photography you want to be here for this live demo with Wes Kroninger! he will take you through the setup, posing, lighting and even add in the work-flow process that he uses this interactive LIVE demonstration!